CJR Enterprises is an umbrella entity for the various business interests of Cheri and Jeff Riedl. The ‘brands’ included are:

SiteCrafters providing customer-focused, web based technology to clients across North America.   Website design, maintenance, hosting, e-mail campaigns, Web 2.0 interactivity … the internet tools most individuals and organizations need, but don’t want to take the time to learn how to engineer and use. Not just pretty websites, but online solutions that pay for themselves (AND MORE) … that’s what we do.

K9 Corps Agility hosts dog agility events and training near Appleton Wisconsin. We take a very unique, but in our mind common-sense, approach to dog training and dog events. It should be FUN! Our friends come over to the back yard to spend time together and see what our dogs can do. Our agility trial weekends are not high-pressure “corporate” type of events. Everyone supports each other, cheers for each other, and we do our best to provide personal hospitality to those who stop by.

Dog Agility is a ‘wired’ sport – those who compete in the sport learn, plan, brag, and enter events online. Utilizing the powerful technical resources of AgilityEvents.net, North America’s most comprehensive online database of Canine Agility Events, we provide online solutions for Trial Secretaries, Clubs, and Trainers. Included in these web services is our extremely popular Click-2-RunSM online entry service which accepts entries for events across North America.

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